The Peer Support for Students with Disabilities course pilot implementation was realized in the academic year 2011/2012  at the University of Zagreb.
Three students were enrolled in the course. They provided peer support to three students with visual impairments.

The course was organized and conducted in two parts:
(1) preparatory workshop (15 hours lectures and 30 hours of exercises) was conducted cumulatively during 3 days,
(2) peer support was provided to students with disabilities during the semester (75 hours 5 hours per week) and was supervised as planned (15 hours, 2 hours every second week).

Student feedback had been positive and there was no intervention in the course content.
The challenge is the enrollment of more students in a course.  Possible ways to increase the number of students who enrolled this course are intensively informing vice deans for students and the coordinators for students with disabilities on the all faculties of the University of Zagreb about the course implementation and intensely informing students with disabilities about the course  – ensuring the support for students with disabilities in the academic environment.